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Does Melatonin Weaken Our Immune System?
- Jul 08, 2021 -

The immune system is the guardian of the body, which is composed of immune cells, immune organs, and immune substances to maintain the health of the human body environment. Various exogenous factors, such as photoperiod changes, cold water restraint stimulation, continuous ultrasound, immunosuppressants, chemical intake, etc., as well as endogenous factors such as psychological stress and anxiety, insufficient sleep, overwork, insufficient exercise, and the natural aging of the body, Dietary imbalance, etc., all have certain damaging effects on human immune function.

melatonin support a Health Immune System_

There are many ways to improve the immune system, and adequate sleep is the cornerstone of the entire immune system. If you don't sleep, no other lifestyle adjustments can have such a big impact. Melatonin, as an amine neuroendocrine hormone secreted by the pineal gland of mammals and humans, has a good regulatory effect on the circadian rhythm of organisms. At the same time, melatonin powder can also stimulate the growth of new immune cells. Therefore, taking melatonin will not weaken the body's immune system, but can also help regulate the body's immune network.

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