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Do I Need 5 HTP Powder for Temporary Sadness?
- Jul 10, 2019 -

5 HTP powder can increasing serotonin levels and may treat depression. Nowadays, we often hear the word depression. But a lot of people may have mistaken temporary episodes of sadness for clinical depression.

Everyone in life has felt sad, depressed, pessimistic and even desperate. In fact, if you don't feel depressed when you encounter a sad event, you may have problems. As long as you can get out of depression as quickly as possible and your life is not overly disturbed, you don't need to seek intervention.

Do I Need 5 HTP Powder for Temporary Sadness

Emotions themselves are natural. It can be said that depression, anxiety, fear and other emotions are negative, and emotions such as happiness are positive, but negative emotions cannot be considered abnormal. The experience of depression itself is unpleasant, but that doesn't mean it is abnormal. Just like pain, it is painful, but it is also a protective measure for people. If there is no pain, people can't take a protective response in time when they are hurt. Similarly, depression itself has a positive effect. Mild depression has adaptive functions in the long run, and depression can make people face some thoughts and feelings that they usually try to avoid.

In general, when depression reaches a certain level, which seriously affects people's normal life and social function, we say that this is abnormal and needs treatment. You should go to see the doctor and may have to use drugs such as 5 HTP powder.

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