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DIM Powder and Walking
- Sep 25, 2019 -

DIM powder can provide DIM to you and lower the risk of many types of cancer.

Exercise is the best medicine for cancer patients. Dr. Robert Butler, director of geriatrics and middle-aged care at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, said about cancer prevention and treatment: "If exercise can be made into pills, it will be the most widely used and beneficial drug in the United States." So what kind of exercise is suitable for cancer patients? 

DIM Powder and Walking

Walking is a different way of fitness from other sports, which has its own unique features. This exercise does not require fitness equipment and special venues, nor is it subject to season, climate and time limitations. It is a physical activity that is suitable for both strong and weak. Cancer patients are usually weak and unsuitable for excessive exercise. As a mild activity, walking can enhance the physique and energy of cancer patients. Besides the physical benefits, walking can also improve the psychological state of the patients. Walking should be based on their own physical conditions, control the amount of exercise and speed. Walk in a clean, pollution-free place. It's better to avoid foggy days and hazy days. Choose loose clothes and comfortable sneakers for walking. Choose to walk on the flat road, not on the bumpy road.

DIM powder may also help cancer patients improve their life quality. 

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