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DIM Powder and Smoking
- Sep 25, 2019 -

DIM powder is a supplement that gives you extra DIM. 

British and Chinese scientists warned in Cancer magazine that tobacco-related cancer risks are high and will continue to rise in the future.

Although the proportion of smokers in most industrial countries is declining, the opposite trend can be observed in China. China produces and consumes about 40% of global cigarettes. In China, men make up the majority of smokers.

Researchers from Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing analyzed data from a national study involving 210,259 men and 302,632 women. Sixty-eight percent of men and three percent of women smoked in the study.

DIM Powder and Smoking

Male smokers had a 44% higher risk of cancer than non-smokers, and female smokers had a 42% higher risk than non-smokers. Nearly a quarter (23%) of all cancers in men aged 40 to 79 are attributed to smoking. These include lung cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and gastric cancer. It is estimated that smoking causes 435,000 new cancer cases each year, of which 360,000 occur in men.

"Due to the delayed effect of the recent rise in cigarette use, the risk of tobacco-related cancer among men is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades unless smoking cessation is widespread among adult smokers," clinicians warned.

They emphasized that if the smoking rate among women remained low, tobacco would be the main reason for the greatest difference in life expectancy between men and women in China.

DIM is related to lower risk of many cancers. Taking DIM powder may help you prevent cancer.

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