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DIM Powder and Esophageal Cancer - Ⅲ
- Sep 27, 2019 -

In the following two articles of “DIM Powder and Esophageal Cancer”, the factors that possibly cause the esophageal cancer.

Esophageal cancer is a common digestive tract cancer. Patients often have a slight choking sensation when swallowing food in the early stage, and it becomes difficult to swallow as the disease progresses.

The causes of esophageal cancer are complex and it is difficult to determine which factors play the most critical role. However, it is clear that these factors are closely related to the following factors:

1. Nitrosamine

Nitrate ions exist in natural environment, especially in surface water and groundwater. In addition, nitrate ions also exist in industrial and agricultural wastewater. Once nitrates are reduced to nitrites, they can be combined with amines to transform into strong carcinogens, nitrosamine. 

DIM Powder and Esophageal Cancer - Ⅲ

Nitrite is also a common food additive. On the one hand, it can inhibit the growth of some bacteria and make meat brighter. Therefore, it is often used in pickled food, such as ham, sausage, sausage, lunch meat, smoked fish, etc.

Cigarette smoke also contains nitrosamines, which are easily dissolved in saliva and enter the body. So far, many animal experiments have proved that nitrosamine can cause many kinds of animals, including tumors of rats, chickens, pigs and other organs, especially liver cancer and esophageal cancer.

DIM powder can provide DIM which may lower the risk of many types of cancer.

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