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DIM Powder and Esophageal Cancer - Ⅱ
- Sep 26, 2019 -

In the second article of “DIM Powder and Esophageal Cancer” we are going learn some signs which may indicate the esophageal cancer.

How can we detect esophageal cancer early? Understanding the early signs of esophageal cancer is critical.

The early signs of esophageal cancer are as follows:

1. Feeling of Choking.

It often disappears spontaneously due to hard food or emotional fluctuations and reappears every few days. The main reason is that the esophagus has a high degree of elastic dilatation. When the lesion is confined to the mucosa and does not involve the esophageal muscular layer, the patient has only a choking feeling, but does not affect the passage of food.

2. Posterior Sternal Pain

When the patient swallowed food, there was slight pain behind the sternum. The pain was burning, needling or pulling. The degree of pain is related to the nature of food. Liquids and warm foods are lighter, rough, hot or irritating foods are heavier.

Pain occurs when swallowing food and relieves or disappears after eating. Emotional fluctuations or inappropriate eating can induce the pain.

DIM Powder and Esophageal Cancer - Ⅱ

3. Feeling of Foreign Body in Esophagus

Patients often suspect that food remains in the esophagus and can not swallow. They also feel foreign bodies without eating anything. The location of foreign bodies is consistent with the lesion.

4. Feeling of Retention

During the course of eating, the patient feels that the food passes slowly and has a sense of detention.

5. Dryness and Contraction

Patients often feel dry and tight throat, difficult to swallow food, and have slight pain.

6. Chest discomfort

In addition, patients may also have some feeling of post-sternal discomfort, subxiphoid pain, etc. Patients usually can not specifically describe these symptoms, but complain of chest discomfort.

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