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DIM Powder and Diet - Ⅲ
- Oct 10, 2019 -

Cancer patients also need to eat less processed meat, red meat and high-fat, high-sugar foods. Processed meat refers to any meat that is salted, dried, fermented, fumigated or otherwise processed to enhance the taste or prolong the storage time. For example, common ham and sausages on street snacks, such as pigs, cattle, sheep and so on, are the red meat. Studies have shown that eating more processed meat and red meat can cause diseases such as colon cancer. If you real like such foods, please eat more cruciferous vegetables, they can provide you DIM, which may lower the risk of cancer. You can also get DIM from DIM powder.

DIM Powder and Diet - Ⅲ

High-fat and high-sugar diets may lead to obesity. Cancer patients are advised to limit their intake of such foods. In addition, it can also avoid the concurrence of three high diseases and prevent the second attack of the disease on health. Studies have shown that cancer cells are particularly fond of glucose in the blood, which consumes glucose twenty or thirty times faster than ordinary cells. The higher the blood sugar level, the easier it is for cancer cells to produce large amounts of lactic acid. Therefore, it is suggested that cancer patients restrict high-sugar foods and strictly control postprandial blood sugar concentration, which can force cancer cells to reduce the production of lactic acid, so that it can not spread and metastasis, and partly lose the ability to do bad things.

And finally, of course, cigarettes and alcohol. They are all carcinogens identified by the World Health Organization. Whether we have cancer or not, we should stay away from alcohol and tobacco.

DIM powder have the similar effect as indole 3 carbinol powder.

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