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DIM Powder and Diet - Ⅱ
- Oct 10, 2019 -

DIM is related to lower risk of many types of cancer. Although you can get it from many cruciferous vegetables, but if you require additional dose, you can try DIM powder. 

Dietary fiber in vegetables and fruits is also very helpful in anti-cancer. This is because insoluble fibers can adsorb or dilute carcinogens in the digestive tract, shorten the passage time of intestines, thereby reducing the incidence of colon cancer. In addition, coarse grains and cereals are also rich in fibers. It is recommended to eat more of these foods. Epidemiological survey found that people who did not eat fruit or seldom ate fruit had a relatively large proportion of colon cancer, which also provided a reference for the diet of cancer patients.

DIM Powder and Diet - Ⅱ

Cancer patients should eat foods rich in high-quality protein. Because the basic metabolic rate of human body is often higher after having cancer, the synthesis of protein is reduced or loss is increased, and the negative nitrogen balance is prone to occur. Especially some patients who are treated by radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery need supplementary nutrition. High quality protein is more easily absorbed by the body, which helps body growth and tissue repair. Therefore, it is recommended that cancer patients eat more vegetable quality protein such as soybeans and eat animal quality protein such as fresh fish, shrimp, eggs and dairy products.

DIM powder can be found in many drugstores.

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