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DIM Powder and Cancer Pain - Ⅱ
- Sep 30, 2019 -

In the last article of DIM Powder and Cancer Pain, we have learned about what cancer pain is and the causes of cancer pain. Next, we will know some typical treatment of cancer pain.

Drug therapy is the most important way to treat or relieve cancer pain. Analgesics can be classified into two categories:

Category A: It is a series of narcotic drugs extracted from opium (dried from the juice of poppy fruit). It partially blockades the pain transmission of the central nervous system, making the pain point increase. In this way, patients can not feel pain under general stimulation, so as to achieve the purpose of pain relief.

Class B: It is a synthetic drug of non-opioid substances. The main function is to eliminate local inflammation in the body, and inflammation is a common form of pain. Therefore, anti-inflammation drugs can stop pain.

DIM Powder and Cancer Pain - Ⅱ

In 1986, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a cancer pain treatment strategy based on the three-step treatment theory of non-opioids, opioids and strong opioids. Although decades have passed, WHO cancer pain relief programs are still the main reference for pain control.

According to WHO guidelines, opioid analgesics are the main actors of analgesic treatment. According to their pain relief ability, opioid analgesics can be divided into three levels: mild, mild-moderate and moderate-severe. Opioid analgesics can be used in combination with non-opioid drugs.

The detailed content will be explained in the next article of DIM Powder and Cancer Pain.

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