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DIM Powder and Cancer Pain - Ⅰ
- Sep 29, 2019 -

Pain is an unpleasant feeling and emotional experience. Cancer pain is a kind of pain and chronic pain. Compared with ordinary pain, cancer pain has the following four characteristics: severe pain, longer duration, accompanied by psychological changes (tension, anxiety, insomnia, depression, depression, despair), and complex. Cancer pain can seriously affect the quality of life of cancer patients, and even cause treatment interruption. 

DIM is compound that may lower the risk of many types of cancer. Taking DIM powder can provide you extra DIM.

Generally speaking, there are 10 grades of pain. Cutting the skin with a knife can reach about 6 levels of pain, and women may reach 8 levels of pain during childbirth. But cancer pain, especially in patients with advanced cancer, can reach grade 10. The pain is so intense that it is beyond the expression of words.

"The pain can't be described in words. It's like a knife cutting in the stomach, and tens of millions of insects getting into the body. Death is only a moment, but the pain is endless. To be honest, I would rather die. It really hurts too much.”

—— Description of a patient with advanced cancer

DIM Powder and Cancer Pain - Ⅰ

The main causes of cancer pain are as follows:

1. Tumors compress the nerve root or trunk nearby, or grow directly on the nerve trunk.

2. Tumors grow rapidly and the capsule of the organ surface is pulled. This will stimulate the pain nerve endings in the membrane.

3. Nerve invasion and destruction after the spread of advanced tumors.

4. Tumors of the esophagus, intestine and ureter grow into the lumen and obstruct the lumen.

5. Tumor rupture causes bleeding and perforation.

6. Tumor ulceration and infection cause necrosis and edema of surrounding tissues and release pain factors.

7. Tumors invade blood vessels and form obstruction leading to local ischemia and hypoxia.

DIM powder may prevent the cancer at the beginning so that you may avoid cancer pain.

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