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Dietotherapy Function Of Tart Cherry Extract
- Apr 06, 2021 -

Tart cherry often called Prunus Cerasus or sour cherry is one of the most commonly used foods with natural healing properties in the United States in recent years. It can help the body recover from various diseases.

When people find that bilberry is good for the eyes, hawthorn fruit is good for heart health, cranberry is good for urinary health, and blueberry can solve high blood pressure and win the crown of antioxidant-rich fruits. What's the function of the Tart cherry?

Montmorency-Tart-Cherries-Union Pharmpro

1)Lower blood uric acid levels and reduce the risk of gout attacks.

2)Being rich in natural melatonin promote sleep and treat insomnia. 

3)Reduce inflammation and free radical damage, can promote recovery after exercise and improve immunity

4) Increase polyphenol antioxidant content and lower blood pressure

Although Tart cherries extract powder is good, they cannot be greedy, especially for patients with renal insufficiency and oliguria-cherries that contain high potassium. If they are consumed too much, they can lead to hyperkalemia and even serious arrhythmia.

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