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Dietary Supplement—Sulbutiamine Powder
- Jul 30, 2019 -

Sulbutiamine Powder is sold as a dietary supplement, and it seems that endurance athletes can use it to improve their performance.

Because thiamine deficiency can lead to memory and other cognitive problems, thiamine and analogues such as sulbutamide have been studied for age-related cognitive decline in clinical trials in the 1980s and 1990s.

Sulbutamide powder is considered as a potential therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome in clinical trials.

The pharmacological effects of sulbutamide have been studied in different mice and rats; as of 2014, it appears that sulbutamide may be more effective than amphetamine and thiamine in improving brain thiamine levels.


In a small-scale study conducted in 2017, sulbutamide was shown to be effective in reducing fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Because of the oxidative and excitatory toxicity in glaucoma patients and the low hippocampal factor in glaucoma patients, a case study has shown that thiamine injection increases visual acuity, and the interaction between sulbutiamine powder and retinal cells has been studied. In vitro studies using RGC-5 (ganglion-like cells) showed that when cells were deprived of serum, sulbutamide attenuated cell death, and that 10 uM sulbutamide was as effective as 10 uM Trolox (antioxidant standard), while significantly reduced at 1 uM; these protective effects were associated with isolation of superoxide and peroxide freedom. The increase of radicals was related to the relative increase of glutathione, but had no effect on hydroxyl radicals.

At least one study has noted the benefits of psychogenic erectile dysfunction that can be treated with sulbutamide, with the average performance assessed by the International Erectile Function Index (IIEF) increasing from 17.5 to 24.8.

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