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Diabetes May Helped Us Survive - Ⅱ
- Dec 04, 2019 -

In the last article, we learned that low temperature can cause damage to our cell walls. As a natural antifreeze, sugar can help us prevent this kind of injury. In the this article, we will tell you how the diabetes gene helps people survive. 

About 12000 years ago, there was an extremely cold climate on the earth. In just a decade, the cold has spread from the Arctic to Europe. The study found that during this period, thousands of people were frozen or starved to death. This cold climate led to a sharp decline in the population of northern Europe. 

Diabetes May Helped Us Survive - Ⅱ

However, some people have survived tenaciously. The reason why these people can survive in severe cold is precisely because they carry the gene of hyperglycemia in their bodies.

Like grapes, people urinate more frequently in extremely cold periods, thus reducing body water and increasing blood glucose concentration (hyperglycemia). Elevated glucose levels can prevent blood from freezing and dying. This is also why in winter, the frequency of urination in normal people increases, and people's blood sugar generally increases. At the same time, winter is also a period of high incidence of diabetes.

Although hyperglycemia gene once helped people through the extremely cold period, but in the era of global warming, great convenience of heating, high sugar diet and lack of exercise, hyperglycemia gene will lead to diabetes and other more serious diseases.

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