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Demystifying The Shocking Marketing Offensive Of The North American NMN Industry
- Oct 22, 2020 -

The US FDA issued two warning letters in a row! A shocking marketing campaign for NMN powder. With the explosion of the NMN concept, there are more and more weird things in the industry. The U.S. FDA issued two warning letters in a row, requesting that the NMN brand, which is made in the United States, rectify its propaganda methods and slogans and stop using phrases that cure Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and other related diseases.

NMN powder -3

This is not an isolated phenomenon among American NMN brands. There are a large number of cross-border health products all over the world claiming that their products are produced or imported in the United States, and the propaganda includes: it is effective for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, and can improve memory, immunity, and energy. This is not allowed in the United States.

In reality, many brands will come up with cGMP to imply that the products are qualified and compliant products in the United States. In fact, cGMP is a dynamic pharmaceutical production management practice implemented in the United States, Europe, and Japan. It is a series of guidelines used by various countries to regulate the actions of operators and how to deal with emergencies in the production process. It is not a standard to prove that products or substances are harmless. For example, this certification is only equivalent to a factory certificate.

All in all, while pursuing good health and longevity of NMN Powder, ordinary people need to be wary of some brands or manufacturers using information gaps to deceive consumers.

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