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Creatine Mono Powder Is Only For Insider? That's Not True.
- Apr 12, 2022 -

Creatine mono powder is only for insiders? That's not true.

Creatine, in sports supplements, is not as well known as protein powder, and it is not as popular as BCAA. Even in the eyes of some beginners, those who use creatine are "senior veterans" and "too professional" ... So what kind of supplement is creatine?

Source of creatine

The human body itself can synthesize creatine, but the efficiency of synthesis is very low, so additional supplementation is required through food and supplements. Creatine comes mainly from fish and red meat (lean meat) and contains about 1 gram of creatine per 500 grams of meat. Fitness people need at least 5 grams of creatine a day. In addition to their own synthesis, they must eat nearly 1 kilogram of meat every day to make up for it, which seems unlikely.

Creatine in supplements is divided into creatine monohydrate (also called pure creatine) and other creatine. Creatine monohydrate is the more traditional and commonly used creatine that we are familiar with.

Creatine Mono 80 mesh powder

Working principle

The energy in the muscles of the human body will be depleted very quickly during strenuous exercise (weight-bearing training), and creatine is an effective ingredient for providing energy to the muscles. The more creatine stored in the body, the stronger the muscles, explosiveness and movement The performance will be better.

Speaking of athletic performance, here's a little story. Creatine began to be widely discussed after the 1992 Olympics. Men's 100m gold medalist Linford Christie said in an interview that he continued to take creatine during his preparations for the Olympics. At the same time, gold medalists in other events of the year were also reported by the media to use muscle. acid. The main role of creatine is to increase strength and explosiveness, and accelerate muscle recovery.

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