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Consumption 2020: The Largest Innovation Cycle In The Food Industry Is Coming--Ⅲ
- Jan 09, 2020 -

 ★  Pursue health and functionality, reducing sugar and sugar is the focus

The most obvious trends in the food and beverage industry in the second half of 2019 are reducing sugar, low sugar, and no sugar.

No Sugar

It seems that giant companies at home and abroad have been discussing it. Nowadays, foods labeled with "sugar-free" and "low-sugar low-calorie" in domestic and foreign markets are occupying shelves.

In the past year, beverages, dairy products, snacks, etc. have launched similar products. Danone (North America) emphasized in its 2020 new product plan last month that "low sugar" is a focus of their attention in the new year. Nongfu Spring introduced low-sugar charcoal-soaked coffee, Coca-Cola launched Fiber +, Le Chung even directly adopted low-sugar / zero-sugar as the product name and launched sugar-free punch-in yogurt, Yuanyuan Forestry launched sucrose-free LP28 sugar and fat countermeasures.

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