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Consumption 2020: The Largest Innovation Cycle In The Food Industry Is Coming--Ⅱ
- Jan 07, 2020 -

  ★ Emerging brands: pinpoint product positioning and achieve dislocated competition

    The key to business success is to be different in the minds of customers. This is positioning. In this era of infinitely shortened brand life cycles, the key to determining whether an emerging brand can survive for long is whether it can find the correct product positioning and realize dislocated competition.


    Yuanzhang Forest can be regarded as a dark horse for domestic beverages. The brand focuses on the positioning of "Zero Sugar, Zero Fat, and Zero Card", with post-90s and post-95s as its main target group. The packaging design is simple and refreshing, which is in line with the aesthetics of young people. It has been listed for three years and has a brand valuation of 4 billion.

    Founded two years ago, with annual sales of more than 300 million. Another brand, Hankou No. 2 Factory, which has a faster development speed and more fierce growth, has a net red soda making machine. The development in the past two years is also astounding.

    People always have a nostalgic feeling. Not only will the deep memory/childhood memories not dissipate, but they will be renewed over time. It can be said that the brand first re-enacted the common memories of the people living in the 70s to 90s, which was a feeling. You give consumers what they want, and they are naturally willing to pay!

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