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Comparison Of The Ways Of Supplementing NAD+ Between NR And NMN Powder
- Oct 23, 2020 -

NMN powder -4Comparison of the ways of supplementing NAD+ between NR and NMN powder: Compared with other substances, NMN and NR are more direct ways to supplement NAD+. After NR enters the human body, it needs phosphorylation of NPK1~2 to become NMN, and there are no enzymes of NPK1 and NPK2 in the mitochondria to convert NR into NMN. 

More importantly, after oral administration of NR, most of it is not converted into NMN, but is digested into NAM: oral NR is digested into NAM in the body, and it still fails to change the restriction of the rate-limiting enzyme NAMPT in the salvage synthesis pathway. 

The ability to supplement NAD+ is limited. In summary, supplementing NMN powder is a direct and effective means to supplement NAD+.

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