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Clean Energy Healthy Supplements---KETO
- May 10, 2019 -

In this growing market for healthy eating, from the first strict diet and calorie counting, it has gradually turned to a more comprehensive approach to health management that links healthy eating, assisted exercise and nutritional supplementation. Through this holistic approach to health management, a diet similar to the ketogenic diet has been popularized as a trend targeting “slimming” from the initial “treatment”

The principle is that when the intake of carbohydrates is reduced to a certain level, the amount of glucose converted in the body is controlled. When the amount of sugar in the body is about to be exhausted, fat metabolism is used to produce a "ketone body" as a cell. An alternative fuel that helps organs in the body provide energy.

Between 2014 and 2018, new food and beverages with keto as a selling point showed strong growth, with an average annual growth rate of 40%. Especially the MCT oil, the prevalence of the ketogenic diet has further stimulated the development of new products for MCT.

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