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Can Take Melatonin While Drinking Alcohol?
- Jul 06, 2021 -

The answer is No. Generally, it is not allowed to take melatonin if you drink alcohol in the clinic, and you cannot drink if you take melatonin also.

Melatonin powder has a good effect on improving sleep. Alcohol also has the same effect as a tranquilizer too, but alcohol is responsive to melatonin. First of all, taking melatonin while drinking alcohol may cause excessive sedation risk such as coma shock; Secondly, Alcohol can speed up the absorption and exertion of drugs, which has a serious impact on the stomach and intestines. At the same time, alcohol is an active substance that will weaken the overall effective efficacy of drugs and supplements.

Can take melatonin while drinking alcohol _

So it is recommended to drink alcohol for more than six to four hours before considering taking melatonin, it is most important to refrain from drinking or not to drink during the medication for our health.

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