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Can Take Melatonin For Depression?
- Jul 19, 2021 -

Melatonin is a hormone controlled and produced by the pineal gland under the action of optical nerves. In a dark environment, the human brain controls the secretion of melatonin, when the content of melatonin gets to a certain level, people will feel sleepy for sleeping. For insomnia patients, because the amount of melatonin is relatively small and is difficult to fall asleep. In this case, supplementing with melatonin can achieve a good hypnotic effect. In the morning, as the amount of melatonin decreases, people naturally wake up. However, insomnia caused by depression is not only the reason for the quantity of melatonin but also a variety of complex factors, so simply supplementing melatonin cannot achieve a good therapeutic effect for depressed Patients.

Can Take Melatonin for Depression

The human brain has its own regulatory mechanism for sleep regulation. It will produce or decrease melatonin amount according to their individual situation. If artificially intervened, taking exogenous melatonin powder will damage the balance of the human body, so if depressed patients rely on melatonin for a long time, it will harm the body, and this dependence can even aggravate the symptoms of depression, and may even make depression patients suffer from headaches. Therefore, in order to treat depression, depressed patients should adopt appropriate methods instead of blindly taking melatonin. If necessary, melatonin can be taken in moderate amounts under the advice and guidance of a doctor.

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