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Can Hypertension Patients Take Melatonin?
- Jul 10, 2021 -

Melatonin, as a health care aid, is mainly suitable for people with mild insomnia, elderly people, jet lag, shifters, blind people, and brain-injured insomnia. For patients with mild hypertension, melatonin can significantly reduce sleep systolic and diastolic blood pressure, therefore, they can take it at night maybe as a mild alternative or supplement to conventional antihypertensive drugs.

Can Hypertension Patients Take Melatonin_

However, patients with moderate or severe hypertension, who are often accompanied by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, are better not take melatonin powder or tablets, because it conflicts with a class of antihypertensive drugs taken by hypertensive patients, which will hinder the secretion of melatonin even cause it to decompose, and there are interactions between the drugs.

Undoubtedly, taking medicine too much brings some side effects. As hypertensive patients, we must pay attention to it. It is recommended to try a small dose at the beginning and observe whether there is any bad phenomenon. If there is, stop taking. If not, you can increase the dose.

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