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Can Diindolylmethane For Acne?
- Nov 05, 2021 -

The most important benefit of DIM powder is to help estrogen metabolism. The normal metabolism of estrogen can maintain the balance of hormones in the body. Because hormones exist in precise proportions, once estrogen is excessive, other hormones will increase to restore the original proportions. Too much estrogen leads to increased androgen release, resulting in excessive sebum secretion, thick sebum, accumulation of old dead skin cells, inflammation, and complex adult acne. On the contrary, as long as it can smoothly metabolize estrogen and balance hormones, it will naturally and effectively reduce adult acne.

diindolylmethane for acne

The cause of acne in most adult women is too much estrogen, which is difficult to eliminate. General conditioning methods, such as changing your schedule or maintenance methods, cannot really fight acne. Compared with general acne, hormonal acne also takes longer to treat and repair. DIM can help detoxify and remove stubborn fat caused by hormonal imbalance. In addition, estrogen metabolites that are harmful to the body can cause cancer, so DIM can also prevent breast and prostate cancer. DIM is also suitable for adult acne caused by fertility, menopause, and menopause (perimenopause).

DIM has a significant effect on adult acne, but it cannot replace diet, good work, and rest. 

At the same time pay attention to nutrition, rest, and relaxation. It is a comprehensive and fundamental way to fight acne.

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