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Can BCAA Help To Reduce Muscle Loss When Training During Fasting?
- Dec 07, 2020 -

BCAA bulk powders are basically some of the amino acid building blocks that make up protein and muscle.

There are 22 different amino acid building blocks in protein, 9 of which are classified as "essential amino acids", which means that our body cannot produce them by itself. We can only ingest them by eating different foods. Research shows these 9 types. There are 3 kinds of essential amino acids that are particularly effective in promoting muscle synthesis, so they are considered to be the most important amino acid building blocks for muscle gain. These three amino acids are also made into the current BCAA supplement. The principle is to increase the intake of these 3 amino acids, based on their influence on protein synthesis, promote muscle growth and prevent muscle loss.

Essential amino acids

Some studies have shown that during the fasting period, eating only some BCAA alone results in:

1. Decreases protein synthesis

2. Increase muscle breakdown

3. Interferes with absorption of amino acids

So with above all, we would suggest in addition to eating BCAA bulk powders every day, add more protein and whey protein and other protein foods rich in 9 essential amino acids will be more necessary.

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