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Can 5 HTP Powder Ease My Migraine
- Jul 12, 2019 -

5 HTP powder may decrease the number of migraine attacks make you experience fewer migraines. 

Headache is common in our life, I believe many people have seen or experienced it. But there is a headache that has the characteristics of recurrent attacks, it will cause patients many troubles in their life, it calls migraine.

Migraine attack does not cause pain in the entire head, but is characterized by one-sided pulsation. In addition, patients often have symptoms of nausea and vomiting. It is still unclear about its etiology and pathogenesis. 

Can 5 HTP Powder Ease My Migraine

However, the following factors may be associated with migraine:

1. Genetic factors

In family data research, about 60% of patients have a family history of it. Some patients may have epilepsy in their families. Therefore, the disease is thought to be related to heredity.

2. Dietary factors

Studies have shown that the onset of migraine is closely related to diet. Among them, the common foods that induce migraine are alcoholic beverages, caffeinated foods, foods containing nitrites, citrus fruits.

3. Mental factors

In daily life, if a person has long-term negative emotions such as depression, nervousness or irritability, it can also lead to migraine attacks.

4. Endocrine factors

Endocrine plays a role in the regulation of hormone secretion in the human body. When the body is abnormally metabolized, the endocrine will be dysfunctional, which may lead to various diseases of the hormones and various symptoms of the disease. Migraine is one of them. 

Many studies have found that 5 HTP powder may be very effective on migraine.

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