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Can 5 HTP Powder Affect Bulimia and Depression?
- Jul 11, 2019 -

5 HTP powder may be very helpful for the people who suffer from both bulimia and depression.

Bulimia and depression have always had a lot to do with each other. Some studies have shown that people with bulimia are also more likely to have depression and suicidal tendencies, and 79% of bulimia patients have depression at the same time. Some scholars believe that there is not only a connection between the two, but a link. Although, we are not sure which one is causing which one to happen.

The factors that can cause depression are: low self-esteem, loneliness, intimate relationship problems, work stress, physical appearance (defects or obesity), etc.

Can 5 HTP Powder Affect Bulimia and Depression

When a patient suffers from bulimia and depression, the two diseases interact and reinforce each other, causing the patient to fall into an intractable cycle.

When people with bulimia suffocate into depression, they begin to eat madly. The act of eating gives them a sense of power and makes them feel that they have a sense of control over their lives.

But after eating, they will feel shame and guilt, this will make them more depressed. Moreover, binge eating can easily lead to obesity and nutrition problems. Obesity will make their physical appearance unsatisfactory, and nutritional problems will make their mental state bad, which will also contribute to depression. 

5 HTP powder may have increase feelings of fullness and help the patients eat less. In addition, 5 HTP powder will increase serotonin levels, which may help with depression.

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