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BHB VS Glucose: What Is The Better Fuel?
- Aug 06, 2020 -

BHB Ca, Na, Mg, K is always the salts fort of BHB. According to the current literature, one molecule of glucose makes about 30-34 molecules of ATP, while the official change in free energy (∆G) is -7.3 kcal/mol. So when we put this info together, we come up with 248 kilocalories as the total energy released from one glucose molecule. (34 ATP * 7.3 kilocalories =248 kilocalories.)

Meanwhile, one molecule of BHB makes around 21.5 molecules of ATP, according to multiple studies, BHB generates a change in free energy of -13 kcal/mol, in this way, the total energy released from one BHB molecule is 279.5 kilocalories.

bhb pk Glucose which is the better fuel_V1

When we think of the efficiency of BHB and glucose, seems that BHB is a preferred fuel as BHB produces fewer free radicals and acts as an antioxidant while also providing us with a bit more energy per molecule.

What's even more fascinating about BHB is the effects that it has throughout the body. Not only is BHB a highly efficient fuel, but it provides us with a plethora of benefits as well.

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