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BHB Superimposed On Exercise, Your Land Of The Tender
- Sep 18, 2020 -

How does exercise control our emotions?

BHB Powder

There are two points

1. Endorphins

2. Calcium BHB induces the expression of BDNF

The brain produces a substance called endorphins after exercise, which has a similar mechanism of action to morphine.

Under the stimulation of endorphin, people's mood will be improved. It can make you feel happy and satisfied, and can even help you relieve stress and unhappiness, so it is also called the "happiness hormone".

The secretion of endorphins requires a certain exercise intensity and exercise time, that is, exercise time is 30 minutes, and the heart rate reaches 130. (Remember that slow exercise cannot achieve the above effect)

You feel particularly comfortable after going to the gym and sweating. 

That's why. After exercise, it will trigger many reactions in the brain, especially the increase in BDNF.

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF for short): It is a nutritional factor related to the improvement of cognitive ability and the relief of depression and anxiety.

A large number of studies have shown that when the level of BDNF in the body decreases, people will experience depression. It has been proven to enhance mental abilities while fighting anxiety and depression in mice and may function in a similar way in humans.

So what is the relationship between it and Calcium BHB?

We know that exercise is usually associated with an increase in the production of ketone bodies.

BHB is the main energy metabolite in the liver after exercise. Relevant studies have shown that exercise induces an increase in the concentration of BHB in the hippocampus, which will reduce the binding of HDAC to the BDNF promoter, thereby inhibiting HDAC and leading to the induction of BDNF expression.

Calcium BHB

In summary, the above studies show that we can induce the production of BDNF by producing Calcium BHB through moderate exercise, which can be used to relieve depression or neurodegenerative diseases.

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