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BHB Salts Powder and Weight Loss - Ⅱ
- Oct 18, 2019 -

In the last article of BHB salts powder and weight loss we have learned the first two factors which may cause obesity. The rest factors will be introduced in this article.

3. Activity factors

Walking consumes 2.9kcal of energy per minute, running consumes 9kcal of energy per minute, while sitting consumes only 1.9kcal of energy per minute, so lack of physical activities is an important cause of obesity.

4. Gender and occupational factors

According to the survey, more women than men are obese, accounting for 67.3% of the total. In addition, the occurrence of obesity has a certain relationship with the profession. Obesity among chefs is as high as 60%. The incidence of obesity in mental workers is higher than that in manual workers.

BHB Salts Powder and Weight Loss - Ⅱ

5. Age factor

Obesity increased after the age of 35. Men who are 50-59 years old can reach 63%, and women 60-69 can reach 68%. Obesity in women occurs mostly after childbirth (40.9%) or more (35.7%).

6. Sleep

The cause of obesity may also be that the cells have not slept enough. The study found that in the absence of sleep, the body's overall insulin response capacity decreased by 16%, and the sensitivity of gastric fat cells to insulin decreased by 30%, which usually only occurs in patients with obesity and diabetes. Therefore, if you don’t have enough sleep for a long time, you will become fat and even get diabetes. 

So far, you must have learned that the cause of obesity is complicated and sometimes mixed. Because of this, the way to lose weight is also varied. In the next article we will take a brief look at some common ways to lose weight.

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