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BCAA Bulk Powders and Exercise Fatigue
- Jun 20, 2019 -

BCAA bulk powders may help you decrease exercise-induced fatigue.
A lot of people will experience fatigue and exhaustion after an intensive exercise. One reason may be that the levels of tryptophan in your brain increase. Tryptophan is one of the nine essential amino acids. It is converted to serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter
that makes you feel relaxed, but when the amount of neurotransmitters produced reaches a certain amount, you feel tired.

BCAA Bulk Powders and Exercise Fatigue

During the exercise, your blood sugar levels and muscle glycogen stores decrease. In order to keep your normal brain functions, your muscle will be broken down for the energy supply of your brain. This condition will result in decreasing of the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in the circulating blood. BCAAs (Ingredients of BCAA bulk powders) and tryptophan compete for the same receptor, they both need the receptor to go through the blood brain barrier. When the level of BCAAs is high, the tryptophan to the brain is controlled. However, when the levels of BCAAs in the blood are reduced, more tryptophan will enter the brain. Tryptophan will stimulate the synthesis of serotonin.
Taking BCAA bulk powders may help you feel more comfortable after a intensive exercise.

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