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Brain Health Trend, What Products Can Follow?----Ashwagandha
- Jun 03, 2019 -

Brain health has become the focus of everyday attention of consumers. With the improvement of living standards, the longevity population is constantly increasing, and the increase in life expectancy will put more pressure on our biological system (the central nervous system and its main organ brain), which will continue to make people weaken. Now, people are more urgent than ever to maintain a healthy mental capacity.

While botanical herbs as new raw materials take a mainstream role in the brain health market. In following articles, we would focus on some products which can meet the trend:


Ashwagandha: one of the common herbs among Ayurvedic herbal system as an adaptor of brain function. One of its function is to promote cognitive health. Recently, researchers at the NSIM Knowledge Campus in India conducted a trial to evaluate the memory and cognitive function of Ashwagandha extract for improving adults with memory and cognitive impairment.

In this double-blind, placebo, comparative study, 50 adults were randomized to groups and take 300 mg of placebo or Ashwagandha extract (KSN-66) daily for eight weeks. Researchers use a variety of methods to detect brain cognitive functions, including Webster's weight scale, side suppression tasks, Wisconsin card classification tests, and tracking tests.

Compared with the placebo group, the testee who took the extract of Ashwagandha had significant improvements in both immediate memory and overall cognitive, also there was a significant improvement in performance, attention, and overall processing speed. This preliminary study showed that Ashwagandha extract can effectively improve memory and cognitive health in several aspects.

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