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Are Fruits Really Healthy? - Ⅰ
- Nov 25, 2019 -

Many people have heard of one sentence, “One apple a day, keeps doctor away”. It's good for our health to eat some fruits. But not all fruits are healthy, and we should also not eat too much of them. 

There was an interesting news report. A child under 12 years old was found to have gout and fatty liver, but the child did not drink or eat seafood very often. It turns out that  this child drinks fresh juice every day.

When you drink a glass of natural fruit juice, it's the same as eating 4-5 pieces of complete fruit at one time, and you don't feel full. In this way, drinking fruit juice will bring no less burden to the liver than alcohol. In fact, gout and fatty liver in children are often caused by a large amount of so-called "natural sugar" - fructose.

Are Fruits Really Healthy? - Ⅰ

Many people think that fructose is healthy because it comes from nature and has little effect on blood sugar. Therefore it has little effect on ordinary people or even diabetics. 

But not affecting blood sugar is not the only health standard. Fructose does not affect blood glucose, because it is metabolized in the liver, which is completely different from glucose.

To compare, fructose is similar to alcohol. They all enter the liver directly. Excessive intake will cause fatty liver, weight gain, gout, heart disease, hypertension and other symptoms.

So fructose is not as healthy as we think. It's not recommended that you drink a lot of fresh juice. In addition, the amount of natural fruits should also be appropriate. In the next article, we will tell you how to eat fruits in the right way. 

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