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Angel Or Devil, Let's Experience It For Yourself Of Ketogenic Diet
- Sep 14, 2020 -

In order to break the fear of the ketogenic diet, here we analyze the good and bad of the ketogenic diet objectively.

Today’s sharing is a systematic and scientific analysis of the ketogenic diet and why the ketogenic diet is the most effective way to reduce fat.

The ketogenic diet is to allow the body to produce enough ketone bodies.

The goal is to stay stable nutritional ketosis and to determine if you are in a fat-burning state.

Calcium BHB

Advantages: Because calcium BHB is really full of feelings of fullness, if you don't want to count calories during fat loss, the ketogenic diet is indeed the best way.

Also, some studies have shown that because the body uses fat for energy during the ketogenic state, there is little loss of muscle mass. Ketogenesis can also improve insulin and fasting blood sugar problems. And effective anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory. Prevents various chronic inflammations of the body, protects the skin, and clears the skin with closed mouth acne and other problems.

Disadvantages: ketosis takes time to adapt. Because this is a big change to the traditional way of eating.

There will be a lot of uncomfortable feelings at the beginning.

The main feeling is that people will be very spiritless, and people who are exercising will feel that their strength drops a lot. But the mental symptoms will improve within a week.

The strength will return to its previous level after a month.

There are more restrictions on food. Almost only the original food is eaten, such as meat, eggs, calcium BHB, and vegetables. If you have a lot of restrictions on dinner with friends, you can choose a hot pot or barbecue restaurant at this time.

I hope that when you hear about the ketogenic diet in the future, you will treat it with a neutral attitude and don't hear what others say. When you judge the correctness of something. You must experience it for yourself to know whether it is right or wrong.

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