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A Healthier Solution Than Energy Drinks - L-Theanine
- Jun 12, 2019 -

In our society today, the pace is getting faster and faster, more and more people often feel that they need more energy. Under this circumstances, energy has gradually become a popular commodity. Many people are drawn to products like energy drinks, shots, bars, balls, etc. Energy drinks alone in the U.S. was a 13.25 billion market in 2015 and the growth rate has not slowed down.


Despite the huge market of energy drinks, the risks has not been noticed by many people. A new research showed that energy drinks will affect people’s heart electrical activity, and raise their blood pressure. Before this research, it had been reported that the energy drinks have some side effects like increasing blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke, and heart attack. In addition to the mentioned side effects, energy drinks can also mask fatigue symptoms, which are important indicators that your body is out of balance.
Fortunately, we have a healthier choice
. L-theanine is a natural substance in green tea and can induce relaxation without drowsiness. It increases your alpha brain-waves and provide you an ideal mental state. Interestingly, the production of alpha brain-waves also happens during deep meditation.

So, go to take some L-theanine to experience how a deep mediation feels like instead of energy drinks.

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