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A Choice for Shift Worker - Melatonin Powder
- Jun 15, 2019 -

Why is melatonin powder related to shift worker? Because of SWSD.
SWSD is an abbreviation for “Shift work sleep disorder”. It is a sleep disorder affects shift workers. For those who may don’t know what shift worker is, they are the people whose work schedule is out of the normal “9 to 5” business day. In our 24-hour society, shift work is more common than you think. According to a statistic data, about 15 million Americans are shift workers. They are, for example, police officers, house-builders, doctors and nurses, etc.

A Choice for Shift Worker - Melatonin Powder

While shift work may increase production and customer service, it has caused many problems. Shift work has been associated with many health and safety risks. The shift workers often have mood problems and make more errors or accidents during the work. Themselves are more vulnerable to gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and metabolic problems. 

There is no doubt that the best solution is to quit shift work. But in reality, not everyone is able to do this. The alternative is to find ways to sleep better. For the people who prefer to use medication, we will recommend melatonin powder. Melatonin powder is a widely used remedy for SWSD. Taking melatonin powder can adjust your internal clock and make you sleep better. You can buy melatonin powder like vitamins and minerals.

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