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5 HTP Powder May Reduce Your Appetite
- Jul 17, 2019 -

5 HTP powder may help us maintain lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. According to some researches, the people who take 5-HTP supplement will have greater feelings of satiety, which induce them to eat less.  

Dieting and skipping meals is one of the many commonly used methods to manage weight. Although dieting is effective, it is a very 5 HTP Powder May Reduce Your Appetitepainfulthing for the people with less perseverance. In fact, compared to dieting, eating foods with a strong sense of fullness is more conducive to weight loss and sustainability of weight loss. Dieting often causes undernutrition and slow metabolism, and the end result is often giving up. Eating foods which provide you feelings of satiety and fullness will not only save you from the pain of enduring hunger, but also provide adequate nutrition to your body. This type of food is actually very common. Let me give two simple examples:

1. Apple

Apple is one of the few gum-containing fruits, so apples can slow down the rate of digestion and absorption and enhance your feeling of fullness.

2. Egg

There are nine essential amino acids in the egg. Studies have shown that when the protein in an egg is digested to produce an amino acid, these amino acids stimulate your organ to release hormones to suppress appetite, allowing you to eat less invisibly. For those who may don’t know, 5 HTP is made from one of those amino acid. This may explain why taking 5 HTP powder have the similar effect.

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