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3 Things You Need To Know About PQQ
- Sep 07, 2021 -

What is the effect of PQQ on the human body? There are three main areas of excellence:


1. PQQ has a strong anti-cancer function: activating NK cells into ANK cells, making them have tumor-killing effects; enabling NK cells and other immune cells to gather, exerting the combat capability of the corps, and killing tumor cells more effectively; blocking tumor cells Ferritin receptor blocks its function, inhibits tumor growth and metastasis; destroys the lipid bilayer of tumor cells, so that tumor cells dissolve and die; prevents tumor cell DNA replication and promotes apoptosis; eliminates free radicals and prevents tumors and heart sickness, etc.

2. PQQ can improve the body's immune function and strengthen the body mechanism: As a necessary factor for human development, PQQ can stimulate the growth of human cells, especially activate human B cells, T cells, so that it produces antibodies, improve the body's immune function Liver damage, liver disease has excellent efficacy, PQQ is a redox enzyme co-base, involved in the redox reaction in organisms, can effectively remove the body's free radicals (the source of all diseases), reduce the damage of free radicals to the human body, protect body tissue. In addition, PQQ also has a variety of effects to reduce inflammation, prevent arthritis, protect neurological health, extend life and so on.

3. PQQ and breast milk: The PQQ content in breast milk is as high as 140-180 ng/ml. The high concentration of PQQ contained in the mother's milk shows that PQQ has a great effect on the growth of new life forms.

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