Echinacea Root Extract

Echinacea Root Extract

Product Name: Echinacea Extract Latin name: Echinacea Purpurea L. Specification: Ratio 4:1 / 4% Polyphenols UV

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Product Details

Echinacea root extract takes dried Echinacea purpurea as raw material, the raw material is crushed (14 mesh), canned, 70% ethanol-water is used as a solvent, heated and refluxed for three extractions, 2 hours each time, the three extracts are combined, and the ethanol is recovered After the extract has no alcohol content, continue to heat and concentrate the evaporated water to the extract with specific gravity d = 1.10-1.15, spray-dry it with a spray drying tower to obtain Echinacea extract powder, which is crushed, sieved, mixed and packaged to obtain the finished product. The whole process of production It should be operated under sterile conditions to ensure the moisture and ash content of the product, and the bacterial test is qualified.

Echinacea root extract comes from the genus Echinacea.

The extraction of solvents is water and ethanol.

Product Name: Echinacea Extract

Latin name: Echinacea purpurea (Linn.) Moench

Extraction part: above-ground part

Active ingredients: chicory acid, echinacea polyphenols

Product specifications: 2% ~ 4% chicory acid & 4% polyphenols

Level: Food grade

Properties: brown yellow powder

Detection method: HPLC, UV

Shelf life: 2 years

Packing: paper drum

Pharmacological effects of Echinacea root extract :


Inulin: It acts by increasing the number of granulocytes and white blood cells, and improves the chemotaxis of monocytes and neutral viruses to produce bacteriolysis.

Polysaccharides: T lymphocytes and hydrocarbon receptors on the surface of macrophages have an immunostimulatory effect, which can increase the phagocytic capacity of macrophages, and stimulate macrophages to increase the number of tumor necrosis factor, interferon, interleukin, and Destroy tumor cells.

Alkylamine and caffeic acid derivatives: lipophilic alkylamine can increase the phagocytic capacity of macrophages.

Tissue renewal and anti-infection

Inhibition of hyaluronidase (hyaluronidase) can stimulate the growth of fibroblasts and the synthesis of glucosaminidase, produce corticosterone, and promote the secretion of adrenal cortex hormones. Polysaccharides have an anti-infective effect.

Antibacterial effect

Echinacea and caffeic acid derivatives have weak antibacterial activity.

Antiviral effect

It can inhibit influenza, herpes, and blistering viruses. The antiviral activity is attributed to the inhibition of hyaluronidase, which can block viral receptors on the cell surface.

Improve acne inflammation.

Clinical trials have shown that 4 grams or 1 teaspoon of echinacea pulp are equivalent to 100 mg of cortisone. In addition, echinacea ointment applied to acne can also protect the damaged skin from sun damage.

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